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Welcome to              training where training is fun and effective.  We coach owners in the 3 C's of Dog Training: Choice, Communication, and Companionship.

Yes Dog, Inc.





If you have questions about behavior issues or you've recently adopted a new dog or puppy, a consultation either in your own home or at our Lupine Lodge is the best place to start.


We offer a luxury board and train package at our Lupine Lodge where your dog has all the amenities of home but remains under the constant care of our trainer, Rebekah.  Training is tailored to meet the needs of dogs and owners but often focuses on decreasing reactive behavior toward other dogs and people, desensitization to handling and husbandry, and building overall confidence.  Owners participate in private lessons either during or after the board and train so that they learn how to maintain the behaviors learned during the dog's boarding stay.



Looking to improve your dog's general obedience? Need ongoing coaching and practice to work through a behavioral challenge?  Sign up for private lessons.



For clients who live too far away to meet in person or whose busy lifestyle isn't conducive to travel or having guests, we offer remote training through Zoom.




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Tel:  530-474-9378

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9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday - Thursday


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                    training is all about having fun while getting results.  We can help with:

  • Fear and Aggression

  • Pulling on Leash

  • Not listening

  • Jumping

  • Mouthing/Biting

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Chewing and Destructive Behaviors

  • Potty Training

  • Puppy Training and Socialization

Did you know that you can solve severe behavioral issues, such as resource guarding, aggression toward people or other dogs, separation anxiety, general fearfulness, and handling sensitivity, as well as teaching general manners, all while having a great time with your dog?

At                     , we coach owners in The 3 C's of Dog Training:  Choice, Communication, and Companionship. 

CHOICE:  Do you want your dog to be completely captivated by you, to focus on you, and to wonder what wonderful thing you are going to do with her next?  Do you want her to feel safe while getting groomed or receiving a veterinary examination?  These things all happen as a natural consequence of giving your dog choices.  You will learn the skills necessary to guide your dog's choices and to consistently reinforce what you like so that your dog becomes an eager and confident learner.


COMMUNICATION:  Your dog is constantly communicating with his body language.  He tells us when he is anxious or feeling stress.  He tells us when he is delighted.  When we become aware of the subtleties of canine body language, we can make training choices that build his confidence and keep him engaged in our training sessions. 

Likewise, communicating with our dogs is a skill we can learn, and learning to better communicate with our dog helps to prevent frustration, expedite training, and ultimately create greater enjoyment in the process for both dog and owner because success is FUN!  We teach a science-based approach to this communication.

COMPANIONSHIP:  Isn't this why we got our dogs in the first place?  Good training through clear communication and a learning history of happy choices teaches a dog how to be a great companion.  And being a good companion to your dog by recognizing his needs, helping him feel safe, "listening" to his communication, and building a lasting bond with him will contribute hugely to the success of your training. 



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